Tuesday, September 30, 2008

University Ministries

In Autumn 2007 I redesigned the University Ministries Website to coincide with the transition of Campus Ministries transitioning to University Ministries.

It was a fast process, I had to turn it around in less than two weeks and the end result was pretty cool as I got to incorporate some great design elements from my colleges in the UC print department.

This Autumn 2008 I got the opportunity again to  make some fun updates to the site. Since last year I set up a stronger style sheet, I was able to roll out some major changes in just a couple days. This newest version incorporates some wild design elements I adapted from Brian Glassco's print work for them.

I stuck to my design rules I set up[ for the web, but I also had some fun by changing out the background with a a small repeating star pattern  gif and I also edited a local version of the global style sheet so that all the reds became hot pink, reflecting the new print direction.

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