Monday, October 20, 2008

Study Abroad

In spring the VP for Academic Affairs at SPU contacted the web team at SPU and asked for us to create a dynamite website for the study abroad programs at the university. They were in the process of bringing together all of the programs under one coordinator and wanted to consolidate all the information into one place.

The Mazz Squad had the privilege of getting to research and present our ideas for the site and they went over very well. A couple weeks ago I really started to dive in and crank on the site. My student workers jammed and our Hope and Allie from our copy edit team did a wonderful job. The site was finished on Thursday, after almost 90 hours of design, in time for the accreditation team to view it. So far it is getting really good reviews from faculty staff, and most importantly students.

The site has some cool features I am proud of including integration of Flickr Flash photo albums andPictobrowser photo feature, Google Maps API, clean CSS (thanks to Jason Herman's help), strong navigation, clear hierarchy, and beautiful photography.

View the site:

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