Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Summer indeed

The Mazz Squad has been working hard at meeting fast deadlines left and right, trying to keep up with the heap of projects. The student workers are taking off end of week for a summer break. Melissa will be gone for most of June and Ciara is gone next week so we are trying to roll out what we can now before this week ends.

Most are currently working on a cool feature for etc magazine and a section called My World. We are going to be creating a My World gallery that shows the photos and the short stories that are featured on the inside covers of the mag. From here on out the etc magazine editor Julia will be extending the stories online and they will be directed from the magazine telling them they can view more.

For the most recent My World my idea was to find out what an average game day is like for and SPU Orange Man and add a photo gallery from the shoot.

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